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Our focus is to build long term relationships. We live this value with each and every clients of RTM.

We believe in providing excellent client service to the mutual benefit of our clients and our firm

We provide a wide array of services, suitable for individuals, small & large businesses

We believe in being conscientious & operating with integrity & honesty, consistently producing quality work at reasonable fees

Utilizing innovative technologies to deliver high-quality services

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit




Filling Out Tax Form


Our expert provides personal tax advice for thousands of clients with vastly differing circumstances. Besides, we are your local business tax accountant who specializes in looking after the tax affairs of individuals, small and large businesses in USA and beyond


Bookkeeping & Payroll

We provide comprehensive Book-Keeping services as well as tax audit and preparation to reduce related costs and to ensure all regulatory requirements are fulfilled. we are here to help you to maximize efficiency of your business income and expenses while holding your employees accountable and minimizing exposure to various financial and tax audit risks

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Business Services

We will give proper structuring that fit your business and choose the right type of entity to help maximize your chances of financial and operational success. Moreover, we keep perfect and complete records of all your entity transaction, litigation, and service of process histories

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International Compliance

Indian origin or Indian national currently settled in US, would always want to bring their money to US. It’s not as simple as just doing bank transfer of the money as India tax law requirements are to be complied with before money can be moved out of India bank account. Reserve Bank of India also has stringent rules with regard to outward remittances. We understand the repatriation process well. We assist with providing advice to comply with India tax laws before funds can be repatriated and also required certification for the fund transfers. 

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Taxpayers who are concerned that their failure to report income, pay tax, and submit required information returns for the prior years was due to non-willful conduct and who therefore seek assurance that they will not be subject to criminal liability and/or substantial monetary penalties should consider participating IRS Streamlined & Offshore Voluntary Disclosure. Our firm specializes in international tax, and specifically IRS offshore disclosure.

IRS Represenation

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Our tax specialist has been pro-actively working alongside clients as their advisors for over many years to ensure they have the efficient structures in place. Expert guidance from our team helps you confidently navigate everything from federal compliance to reporting to tax filing. In addition, we provide advisory, and analysis help during mergers and acquisition. Also, we offer tax and other advice for businesses

Advisory Services



Gangaraju Hanumaiah

EA admitted to practice before the IRS

Founder & CEO RightTaxMate

Mr. Gangaraju Hanumaiah is the founder and CEO of RightTaxMate. Gangaraju understands and applies commercial and financial principles towards building a successful tax practice. He has conducted various events and activities and brought in fresh perspective in developing tax practice in California and Houston. Gangaraju worked with Ernst & Young on their expatriate tax division and specialized himself on various international tax matters. During his tenure he has received various reward and awards including High Impact Award from the EY Management.
Gangaraju Hanumaiah is an Enrolled Agent (EA) admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and has 16+ years of experience in the US tax industry. Gangaraju is specialized in international compliance requirements for US individual and business taxpayers. During his tenure, he has successfully represented taxpayers with IRS on resolving tax issues.


Harish Karkal

ACA, EA admitted practice before the IRS

Mr. Harish Karkal is an Enrolled Agent (EA) admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and an associate member of ‘The Institute of Chartered Accountant of India’. Harish Karkal comes with 18+ years of experience in serving clients on US and International tax matters. He has been serving as a personal tax adviser for many High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) and executives on their personal tax matters. Prior to joining RightTaxMate, Harish worked with Ernst & Young. During his tenure of 11 years with Big Four accounting firm, he served as a personal tax concierge for high level executives of various multi-national companies in financial and other sectors. Harish is well versed with both Indian and US tax laws which helps the Indian based business firms/executives to coordinate their India and US tax filing with ease.


Kumar Bacchu

EA admitted practice before the IRS

Partner RightTaxMate - Frisco, TX

Mr. Kumar Bacchu is an Enrolled Agent admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and is a partner in RightTaxMate and comes with diverse background with interest in finance. Kumar specializes advising clients on tax saving strategies, repatriation of funds from outside US, international compliance, asset protection / transfer of wealth to the next generation and estate planning. For Small and Medium Business, he advises on entity structure, cost management and tax saving strategies. He also represents tax payers with IRS on resolving tax issues. He is currently pursuing certified financial planning course in UT Austin. Kumar’s goal is to be a one stop shop for all client in Tax, Business and Wealth Management



Vishwa Seneviratne

Thank you very much for the awesome job. They did an amazing job. I'm glad I picked you as my tax consultant. I don't have much knowledge on filing Tax in US. I consulted them to get an Amendment done. These guys really know their stuff. Gangaraju/Swarna team was very professional in their approach, very attentive and always available to clarify any doubts I had in the process. I simply had nothing worry about. They handled all the inquiries from IRS in the best possible manner. I highly recommend them and will work with them in future.

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