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Our tax specialist has been pro-actively working alongside clients as their advisors for over many years to ensure they have the efficient structures in place. Expert guidance from our team helps you confidently navigate everything from federal compliance to reporting to tax filing. In addition, we provide advisory and analysis help during mergers and acquisition. Also, we offer tax and other advice for businesses.


Merger and Acquisition (M&A) due diligence is a critical process that organizations go through when considering buying or merging with another company. It involves a comprehensive and systematic assessment of the target company's financial, operational, legal, and strategic aspects to evaluate the potential risks and benefits of the transaction. In addition to our US compliance services, we offer a thorough and effective Due Diligence Analysis for companies across America/Asia. Here's an overview of the key aspects of M&A due diligence:


Financial due diligence
  • Review of financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

  • Analysis of revenue streams, cost structures, and historical financial performance.

  • Identification of any irregularities or discrepancies in financial records.

  • Assessment of working capital and capital expenditure requirements.

  • Evaluation of the target company's financial projections and assumptions.


Tax due diligence
  • Analysis of the target company's tax records and liabilities.

  • Identification of any tax-related risks and opportunities.

  • Evaluation of the tax implications of the merger or acquisition structure.


Planning is the key to successfully and legally decreasing your tax liability. A trusted tax advisor can navigate the tax landscape for you, developing tax tactics and solutions that work for you and your business. At RightTaxMate, we have a devoted tax team that has been serving as reliable advisors to our valued clients for over many years. The team uses a solutions-oriented approach that is the result of their many years of experience. We go afar tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. We make it a priority to enhance our mastery of the current tax law, complex tax code, and new tax regulations by attending frequent tax seminars.


We recommend tax saving tactics that help you...
  • Grow and preserve assets.

  • Defer income so you can keep your money now and pay less taxes later.

  • Diminish taxes on your income so you keep more of what you make.

  • Reduce taxes on your estate so your family keeps more of what you've made.

  • Reduce taxes on your gifts so you can give more.

  • Reduce taxes on your investments so you can grow your wealth faster.

  • Reduce taxes on your retirement distributions so you can retire in style.


Here's just a few of the tax saving tactics we use
  • Splitting income among some family members or legal entities in order to get more of the income taxed in lower bracket.

  • Shifting income or overheads from one year to another in order to have them fall where it will be taxed at a lower rate.

  • Deferring tax liabilities through certain investment selections such as pension plans, contributions and other similar plans.

  • Using certain investments to produce income that is tax exempt from either federal or state or both taxing entities.

  • Finding tax deductions by structuring your money to pay for things you enjoy, such as a vacation home.

Remember, we labor for you not for the IRS. Many of our clients save many times the fee in reduced tax liability through cautious planning and legitimate tax tactics.


Our tax services
We support clients with a broad range of tax consulting and compliance services, including:
  • Corporate and personal tax planning

  • Estate and succession planning

  • Corporate reorganizations

  • Assistance with USA Revenue Agency audits, disputes and objections

  • Voluntary disclosures

  • Planning for the purchase or sale of a business

  • Cross-border tax planning and structuring for inbound and outbound investments

  • Assistance with investment tax credit claims for Scientific Research & Experimental Development

  • Assistance with mining, oil and gas ventures, including flow-through shares.

  • Compensation and benefits planning, including stock options and tax-deferred plans.

  • Tax structuring for matrimonial settlements

  • Tax return preparation and review.


A critical first step in your planning process is a Business Impact Analysis. It will help your organization determine the criticality of business functions, interdependencies between processes and/or organizational hierarchy/locations, appropriate risk factors and ranges of impacts (both financial and non-financial).

RightTaxMate certified professionals will review appropriate personnel to determine:
  • Critical Functions within each business unit

  • Expected Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives

  • Processing Cycle Duration for each Critical Function

  • Identify Deliverable and Quantity Delivered per Cycle

  • Value per Deliverable Unit

  • Supporting Functions necessary for completion of Critical Functions

  • Work Inflow and Outflows to identify Critical Points of Failure

  • Resources necessary to complete Critical Functions

  • Level of Impact to each of the identified risks based over periods of time.


RightTaxMate Certified experts will develop a report that details the impact of loss of operations for each of the business units and service segments under review. This process will include the following:

  • Analyze all data collected.

  • Re-validate conflicting or missing information.

  • Build graphical and written information summaries.

  • Prepare management report deliverable.

The report will define categories of risk and/or associated financial impacts that may result as a consequence of a disruption of service. Assign a Maximum Allowable Outage (MAO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Recovery Ranking of those processes.


As one of the world’s largest accountancy and business advisory networks, we have the international reach and skill to deliver the best solution for our clients. The business restructuring services team at RightTaxMate provides inclusive financial and operational restructuring services and advice to underperforming and financially stressed businesses, their lenders, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our vast proficiency of compound multi-stakeholder and multi-jurisdictional restructurings across many industries allows us to quickly determine the key issues and to help our clients execute feasible and sustainable restructuring solutions. We have taken a lead role in many of the major restructurings in recent years, and our clients include all of the major global financial institutions, private equity houses, city law firms and many corporates.


What makes us stand out?
  • Our partners provide seamless advice across borders, understanding and respecting the issues and sensitivities which arise when businesses in distress operate in more than one country.

  • We bring together expertise from across the breadth of RightTaxMate.

  • Our advice is pragmatic and tailored to each client’s circumstances.

  • Our service is personal and partner-led, combining the best of a local organization with the quality, professional skills and reputation of an international firm.


We strive hard to create the support by combining some or all of the below:
  • An independent business review which covers an in-depth analysis of the business.

  • Identifying the various options – A holistic options review that leads to a better understanding of the solutions and remedies

  • Contingency planning – A transparent and honest analysis of the best and worst scenarios and how to prepare for both and its consequences.

  • Creating lean structures in the Organization to reduce operating costs.

  • Creation of strategized Exit plans

  • Business and operational restructuring and implementation

  • Corporate insolvency process and procedures


RightTaxMate restructuring services strategy
  • Defining and implementing an overall strategic turnaround and restructuring plan

  • Preparing a priority timeline for restructuring.

  • Providing operational consultation at each stage of the restructuring.

  • Providing consultation services and addressing bankruptcy issues

  • Helping you understand the causes of the company’s past shortfalls.

  • Assessing your business’ short-term and long-term viability

  • Preparing short and long-term financial projections and cash flows

  • Developing operational tools and reports

  • Searching for business partners and merger or acquisition opportunities


Our assurance
  • An options review – what different options exist; what are the pros and cons of each, and what would we recommend as the way forward.

  • Financial advice and assistance in the design, negotiation and implementation of the situation

  • Contingency planning – what is plan B if the consensual restructuring cannot be achieved? – we can design a plan for a variety of scenarios.

  • Corporate simplification – how to make the group structure simpler, reduce operating costs and, hopefully, release capital.

  • Optimized exits – assisting in the design and execution of a controlled exit plan to preserve and maximize value.

  • Business and operational restructuring – we can devise, or review, such plans, or report on new progress and implementation.

  • Corporate insolvency – subject to local legislation and regulation we may deal with corporate insolvency either as the insolvency office holder, or by providing the support such an office may require.


RightTaxMate makes the IRS streamlined procedure accessible to everyone
The Streamlined process is an IRS approved amnesty program that allows Residents and Americans overseas to catch up with their US tax filings without facing any penalties or any undue inspection by the IRS. RightTaxMate and its team of professionals have perfected the streamlined process to make the online process simple many clients. To catch up using the Streamlined Procedure, RightTaxMate will ensure that you do the following:
  • File your last 3 federal tax returns.

  • File your last 6 FBARS (Foreign Bank Account Reports), if applicable

  • Pay any taxes due (often nil, once you claim one or more expat exclusions)

  • Self-certify that your previous failure to file was non-willful.


What does ‘non-willful’ mean?
The IRS defines non-willful as conduct that is due to negligence, inadvertence, or mistake or conduct that is the result of a good faith misunderstanding of the requirements of the law.

Why choose RightTaxMate?
  • RightTaxMate exclusively utilizes full time, trained and licensed expat tax specialist, EA’s, many of whom also have MBAs in economics or tax law.

  • RightTaxMate has perfected a workflow model to ensure that your experience is concise, simple, and ultra-responsive.

  • We appreciate that every client is unique. RightTaxMate tax associates will discuss your circumstances with you before formulating a tax strategy to save you money.

  • Our proprietary, Award Winning Online Client Organizer helps providing us with your information much easier. No other firm offers you these innovations.


Few business and personal challenges can be more annoying than working with the Internal Revenue Code, particularly with the new changes imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Understanding that code and finding opportunities in it takes a full-time dedication. We are well situated to counsel domestic and multinational businesses on a variety of tax matters ranging from tax transaction support to best practice process implementation and structuring. RightTaxMate provides client-centric tax advisory services focused on mitigating tax risk and reducing cost. Our tax experts have the commitment required to give you peace of mind.

How we can help you
In today’s ever-changing world our clients can take comfort in knowing that our team have highly specialized skills to help them on cross border U.S. tax issues, plan for changing personal or business circumstances and give them peace of mind and the confidence to move ahead with their international dealings.
  • Throughout the U.S., RightTaxMate has professional advisors who work with their colleagues internationally to ensure your tax advisory and compliance needs are timely and properly addressed and looked after.

  • We take the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to accompanying our clients’ development, helping them navigate the complex environments in which they operate and grow in a sustainable way.

  • We address compliance and identify planning opportunities across international, federal, state and local jurisdictions to create a holistic tax strategy.

  • Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

  • At RightTaxMate, we merge a thorough knowledge of tax law with experience we’ve gained through years of working with individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and not-for-profits.

  • We provide tax planning strategies that work to minimize your tax liability and help you keep more of what you earn.

  • We make it a priority to enhance our mastery of the current tax law, complex tax code, and new tax regulations by attending frequent tax seminars.


Are you among the numerous people who has an error on your tax return and not sure how to amend it? Talk to our friendly experts at RightTaxMate and we will be able to correct it.

RightTaxMate is here to help you
It is best to get an amendment done from an expert tax agent as amendments require a close scrutiny of your tax return before it can be lodged. You do not want to be committing another mistake and doing a second amendment which lead to more inspection by appropriate Tax Authority.
  • At RightTaxMate, we will carefully review the prior return again and the amendments required before submitting it to relevant tax authorities.

  • We will also discuss with you, the possible actions that the Tax authorities could take after an amendment lodged such as fines, demand for evidence and documentation for claims made, interest charge on new payables as a result of amendment etc.

  • Amending your tax return is not a difficult process as long as you can clearly explain the problem that needs to be corrected. If you are not sure how to go about it, our experts at RightTaxMate will be happy to help you out. You should never underpay your taxes as this could amount to tax evasion. You also need to ensure that your tax refund is adequate.

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